Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seeing through morality

I went to a satsang today, someone I heard about and so was curious.  It felt very abstract to me, and very conversational, not worshipful.  It surprised me that I crave that worshipful aspect of satsang.  But the thing that surprised me most was that the teacher never once mentioned that we don't actually exist. Oh, he mentioned that trees and chairs and stuff like that don't exist, but isn't the bottom line really that there is no "me" here?  It is only through experiencing the emptiness of the "me" that we can know that other things also have no independent existence.  And the path, for me, to find out that the "me" does not really exist was to see how judgment maintains it, how there is a constant commentary in the mind about what is the "right" way to be, and, especially for spiritual people, the "right" way to wake up.  It was in my first glimpse into the absolute that I understood that morality does not really exist -- it is created IN ORDER TO maintain the ego.

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